Welcome and thank you for your interest in Grand Leviathan Danes. We are  An 100% European deutsche dogge breeding program. We have spared no expense on our foundation bitch and stud. They both have impeccable pedigrees that are saturated with champions. We have studied many lines several years before choosing to go with this pairing. We chose Nikita our foundation bitch because of her obvious strong European look. We chose Diablo for his massive structure. Some breeders say don't breed for size breed for health. These are Danes why not breed for both. Longevity, health and massive dogs.

We are NOT a kennel and each leviathan puppy will be given the time, love and attention that every dog should begin life with.

You're Dane wont be just a Dane he/she will be a Leviathan!

We breed for size, life span, conformation and most importantly health.

Please make sure to read my page on Health and Wellness for the best advice on the care of a Leviathan Dane. Its important to us that its a good match. We want your satisfaction, but most importantly we want the puppies to be happy.

We produce 100% European color pure Great Danes with outstanding pedigrees,I encourage you to look at them on our pedigree page ,grandfather of sire is the grand champion of Moldova and great grandfather of Dam is grand champion of Ukraine just to name 2 titles .so if you are looking for a superior pet or show baby look no further.

Our Danes have been imported from some of the top kennels in Europe ,our Dam from Serbia and our Sire from Ukraine. 

All of our Danes have been DNA, gene and color tested and are AKC registered and approved, all puppies are AKC and will come with the paperwork to register them, all come with a health guarantee and lifetime breeder support if desired.

 We have implemented a strict series of testing before being considered as a betterment of the breed and allowed to reproduce. You can rest assured that if you purchase a Grand Leviathan puppy you will have the creme de le creme of Danes.

We go to great measures in seeing that you receive the best puppy possible such as treats while bathing so they will enjoy bath time, treats while rubbing there feet so nail trimmings will be much easier, massaging there gums to prepare them for brushing those canines, bite pressure training starting at seven weeks of age, room training and sleeping through the nights are just a few of the many things we do to insure you will be elated with your newest family member.

All of our puppies are raised indoors in an environment conducive to mental stimulation. They will come to you with clean ears, teeth and bodies.

All the information on my website has been thoroughly thought out by me and I have poured my heart and soul into creating this web page, if you are a breeder and you would like to use some of my comments, thoughts, ideas or opinions then please call, text or email me for permission to do so.

And I ask that you credit me on the page that you decide to use, otherwise it is copyright infringement and i will pursue legal action. 

I will work with you, however I do need credit for my hard work and time.