Correctly Bred Great Danes have a gentle and loving disposition that makes them superior family companions. Although their primary asset in training is there desire to please It is imperative that your puppy be well socialized from the time you bring him/her home. Obedience classes are recommended.

What we look for in a Great Dane - Size Proportion and Substance.

Breed Character - Long walking reach and powerful drive, never timid. Powerful, dependable and friendly.

Silhouette - Should be square. Measured from withers to ground and from withers to back of upper thigh (rump).

Head - Strong square jaw length of muzzle and skull to be equal. 

Eyes - Expressive clean movements.

Teeth - No over or under bites. 


Great Danes should be raised in the house as a family member. They do not do well as yards dogs. Although they do need a fenced yard for exercise and play time.

Young children should never be left unattended with your puppy or dog, children should be taught to correctly interact with a puppy. Fair play and respect are a must. Great Danes learn through consistency and repetition with love and positive reinforcement.


One of the beautiful aspects of a Great Dane is the fact that they are low maintenance. There is of course a requirement for a certain amount of grooming. It is very important to start these procedures while the puppy is still a youngster. Especially nails and teeth. It's hard to coerce a two hundred pound dog into letting you brush his teeth if he is not having it. 

LEASH TYPES - The only type of harness/collar i would recommend for training is the Martingale. 

It Keeps Dogs From Slipping Out of Their Collars

Excited or fearful dogs in new environments or around other dogs can become rambunctious enough to get out of their collars, which can put them in danger. Martingale collars prevent this whether a dog's head is narrower or wider.


Prevents Neck Injury

Choke collars and slip collars can cause harm to a dog, as they keep getting tighter when they pull on it. Martingale collars do not do this. They fit loosely and only tighten when necessary, such as in cases where your dog is trying to back out of their collar. Martingale collars distribute their pressure evenly around the neck rather than concentrating it in specific areas. In addition, they are made from soft fabric as opposed to the metal used for choke collars.


They Are Perfect For Training

Whether you are dealing with an older rescue or a puppy, martingale collars can help you to teach your dog not to pull on their leash. With a martingale collar, you can safely control your dog until they learn some basic commands. The tightening action will indicate to dogs that they need to pay attention.

Martingale collars provide numerous advantages over standard collars when used on dogs that are prone to pulling. Most importantly, they can help you to keep your dog under control and safe on walk

I would not recommend back clasp collars as the automatic nature of a dog is you pull they pull.

Here are some common grooming tips and great products:

EARS - Cropped or uncropped ears will need a certain amount of attention. For cleaning in a pinch hydrogen peroxide and a cotton ball works greats. K9 Ear Solutions is good for general cleaning, swimmer's ear, ear infections and it works great for itchy yeast laden ears. I have tried many products and nothing works as well as K9 Ear Solutions. Keep some on hand as part of your grooming routine and after swimming.

FLEAS - I do use a chewable flea and tick protection (Bravecto) that last for three months, but in addition I use an all natural insect spray called Neem Protect Spray - it is safe, all natural and helps keep flies, deer flies and other insects away as well. The Protect Spray is nice product to use in conjunction with my oral flea treatment. Another good product is Petzlife Complete Coat.

BATHING - If you aren't showing its unlikely that you'll need to bathe your Dane more than once every other month. Danes are very clean. Too frequent bathing can strip the coat of needed oils. Neem Protect Shampoo- is a safe, all natural shampoo that is great or just regular baby shampoo, dogs appreciate the no tears formulation too and they much like us do not like to bathe in cold water. Make sure to rinse very well. A Dane will blow there coat twice a year. During this time the hair will fall for several weeks. You can speed this along by using a rubber curry comb or shedding blade. Deshed before bathing the dog. 

DENTAL CARE - Get you puppy used to having there mouth and gums rubbed. Whether or not your puppy will ever have to allow a judge to examine his bite, he still may need a vet to examine his mouth. Petzlife Oral Spray = no more anesthesia to have your pet's teeth cleaned! This spray alters the pH of the mouth and plaque will dissolve in a month, then you can use as a maintenance spray weekly. Having clean teeth can mean extending your pet's life by 3-5 yrs. Plaque on the teeth equals plaque in the arteries. Its always good to have a nice variety of dental cleaning bones available. Its easy to scale your Danes teeth should it become necessary. You can buy a scaler at the pet supply store or any dental section at your local Target. To scale the teeth all you need to do is lift the lips away from the teeth and scrap away the tartar. The inside teeth are a bit more difficult to get to, this iis where the oral spray comes in handy. You will rarely have to resort to this if regularly brush and spray. Keep Those K9's Clean.

ANAL GLANDS - If you see your dog scootching across the floor he is not trying to itch his toosh, his anal glands are impacted and need to be expressed. This can be done by your vet. It's a quick simple procedure. To keep your dogs anal glands in check add cooked unsweetened pumpkin to the food occasionally. 

TOE NAILS - For pet Danes nails should be kept short enough so they don't click on the floor when they are walking. For show dogs you want the nails to be very short from one half to three eights of an inch. To keep nails on show dogs this short means beginning when they are tiny puppies Maintenance for there nails should be performed weekly. I prefer a Dremel because it will cauterize the nail if it does cut too deep and quicks the nail.

SUPPLEMENTATION - A good supplement to get your Leviathan Dane started on is Transfer Factor K-9 Complete. It includes ingredients that are necessary for these growing bones and immune support to keep them in tip top shape. Such as MSM, Glucosomine, Vitamin C and Probiotics. A healthy immune system is vital to keep your Dane disease free, all leviathan danes will be given transfer factor daily after weening is complete.

Adding food grade Diatomaceous earth at feeding time will help ward off any parasites looking for a host. 

another good suppliment is solid gold sea meal


 Do not force your dane to go on a run

provide continuous access to exercise

do not crate train your dane! room train instead.


BOO BOOS - If your Dane gets a cut or scrape spray Colloidal Silver on the area to keep infection at bay. Colloidal Silver is a great product to keep at hand to ward off any type of infection on human and non humans alike.

SNACKS AND TREATS - Some healthy treat and snack ideas are goat milk yogurt with chia seed, carrots for chewing, kefir, cottage, scambled eggs, apples, peaches,(dobby's favorite)watermelon, bannanas, tomatoes, borcolli, califlower, squash, sweet potatoe, green beans, peas, zuccini and berries. Click for recipes.

FOODS TO AVOID - Alcohol, Avocados, Raisins, Cooked Bones, Walnuts, Onions, Garlic, Dairy, Grapes, Mushrooms, Caffeine, Fatty Foods, Medications and Chocolate.

FEEDING - Grow your dane SLOWLY!

The end goal is A strong massively  well built deutsche dogge

I have heard nightmares of danes given calcium in attempts for faster growth DO NOT DO THIS!

This is a Leviathan dane I have already done the math and pedigree research to produce healthy giants.

we want slow and strong not fast and brittle.

Whatever you feed your four legged family members please be aware that ingredients are extremely important in the quality of life your dog will have in his/her future. Be sure your food includes a probiotic to help restore the friendly bacteria in the gut. Especially important for vaccine recovery. Be sure the added minerals have been chelated making them more bio available.  Keep in mind non chelated minerals are associated with low quality foods (surprisingly some expensive well known brands fall in this low quality category) don't be fooled by price or name recognition.

A few  nutritionally complete food brands for Danes is Orijen Large Breed ,Fromm holistic  large breed, solid gold large breed, or nutri source large breed.

protein content needs to be between 20% to 26%

1.2% to 1.8% calcium no more,no less VERY IMPORTANT

1.0 to 1.6 phosphorus no greater than VERY IMPORTANT

Whatever dog food you end up with be sure that it has a nutritional adequacy statement  somewhere on the package ,an example of what it would say is

formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO dog food nutrient profile for all stages of life (this next part is the most important and must say this) INCLUDING GROWTH OF LARGE SIZE DOGS 70 LBS OR MORE AS AN ADULT


The Great Dane: Dogdoms Apollo by Nancy Carrol.

Mother Knows Best: The Natural Way to Train Your Dog and Surviving Your Dogs Adolescence by Carol Lea Benjamin

Great Dane: Model of Nobility by Jill Swedlow

Great Dane: An Owners Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet by Jill Swadlow

New Owners Guide to Great Danes by Jill Swadlow 

Super Puppy:: How to Raise the Best Dog You Will Ever Have by Super Puppy Press 

Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs by Don Hamilton 

The Nature of Animal Healing by Martin Goldstein