We stress how important it is to be a good breeder here at Grand Leviathan Danes but it is equally important to think before you shop or buy a puppy. I love nothing more than a well educated puppy buyer. Show me that  you have done your homework or ask me Questions. Trust me that will be reassuring to me that you truly care about this potential puppy who’s whole life I am trusting you with.

There is no such thing as a stupid question or too much questioning. There is however such thing as not enough.

If you have had Danes before then please let me know that as well so I can take that into account.



Choosing the correct dog for your lifestyle is crucial to the happiness of you and the dog you choose.

  • For instance if you are a laid back couple who just retired and you want a dog to be laid back with you and you have always thought jack Russell terriers were cute. Please research the breed and you will see that a Jack Russel is not at all a good fit for your needs. Find the dog that fits your family and THEN find a breeder


Good Dane breeders are increasingly hard to find. After you have done your research on what type Dog you want and you have come to the conclusion that a Dane would be a great fit then you need to consider what look you like in a dane. Do you prefer an American Dane or a Euro Dane? What is important to you? Are you a potential show home or are you just looking for a well bred Dane? I cannot stress enough how finding the breeder you want and waiting for them to have a litter is well worth the wait. You will get the dog you have dreamed of. Trust me on this. Your patience will reward you. I cannot tell you how many times I have been contacted with people wanting me to fix the puppy that they did not wait to get from a reputable breeder because so and so had a litter right at the time they wanted one. Now the puppy is showing signs that they were not properly socialized or being food aggressive etc. Patience pays off when it comes to obtaining the perfect furry family member.


Never tell a breeder that you can get the same dog cheaper elsewhere.  

I’m pretty sure this is a given but let me explain anyway.

Comparing one puppy to another puppy is like comparing conventional tomatoes to organic vine ripened hand picked heirloom tomatoes. Sure they look the same on the outside, they are both tomatoes right? Well yes they are both tomatoes but are they equal? Not in the least!

The conventional tomato has been genetically modified and ripens in 5 days therefore the conventional grown farmer always has tomatoes to buy. The organic tomato farmers tomatoes take 30 days to ripen. He believes in quality over quantity so he may not alway have tomatoes available. He has taken time to protect and nourish the soil and take great care on what seeds he uses. He only wants tomatoes that will have never been sprayed and that are not genetically modified, his tomatoes cost more because he has put love, care and hard work into his tomatoes. The conventional tomatoes cost less but are a lot more common. When you eat them you can tell that even though they look the same on the outside they are very very different.

Sometimes quality takes time and you sacrifice quality when the grower aka breeder is focused solely on quantity instead of quality . It’s worth the wait and additional cost for a well bred puppy.


It's up to you as a puppy buyer to educate yourself and help put back yard breeders/puppy mills out of business. Help keep the Great Dane breed to the highest of standards. Never make the mistake of thinking that just because a breeder has a nice looking website or has a lot of information on the page that they are a good breeder. After looking at some well known breeders websites I realize that they are simply just good salesman not good breeders. Go through the bad breeder red flags checklist and if they have them then buyer beware.


  • Refusal to introduce you to the breeding stock - If a breeder can not introduce you to the parents of the litter, there is a reason why. Be it temperament, visible health issues, incorrect aesthetics etc.  The exception of this would be a sperm donor not on site.

  • Breeder does not screen for diseases and offers no health guarantee.

  • Puppies are taken from the mother before 6 weeks of age.

  • Surroundings should be clean when you see them. Puppys should be born INDOORS. If you see a new born laying on saw dust or outdoors RUN.

  • Refuses to show you their pedigree.

  • No show dogs/championships in their pedigree.

  • No such thing as a rare/unique color. Only correct or incorrect. Incorrect colors should NEVER be bred and should be on a strict spay neuter contract. Here are the four correct color groups 

  1. Fawn/Brindle

  2. Black (Solids)

  3. Blue

  4. Harlequin/Mantle/Merle/Black with white markings